2 Sunflowers
30" wide by 31" tall outdoor installation in Cape Elizabeth Maine
Life's Colours Panal
This panel is 6' wide by 3'6" tall. It is outdoors on a wall leading to an entry way in Tucson Arizona.
This backsplash is 53" wide by 31"tall and lives in Florida.
Glory of Tulips
Tis is a diptych that is 2 panals tht are 20"w x 20" tall each.
Life's Colours
Parseghian Cross1sm
A cross made in Tucson Arizona
Tucson Sun
This is 24"w by 24" tall and resides outside in Tucson Arizona
Sunflowers Commission
This Backsplash lives in Brooklyn New York
Dragonfly Lily Pads Commission
This backsplash also lives in Brooklyn New York
Sunflower Backsplash
Backsplash living in Chicago Illinois
Veggie & Fruit Backsplash
My first backsplash now in Oregon
Patio Sun
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 Take a look below at some of the commission artwork Carrie has completed. If you would like to discuss  commissioning a piece of artwork,  please contact Carrie through the contact page or  feel free to email Carrie at or call her at 207.632.3872.

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